Death On The Pitch

Where Legends Die

League Rules

Code of Conduct

  1. No coaching during league play
    1. In discord voice
    2. Via a chat
    3. Via twitch
  2. Be on time: if you are running late for a game please let the opponent know, if you do not show up within 15 mins of the agreed time it’s considered a no show.
  3. Elves Suck
  4. No bullying
  5. No racist abuse
  6. Disconnections – game restarts due to disconnections are an iffy thing as they can drastically change how the match plays. we also don’t want coaches to be put under pressure from their opponent to have the game reset. so to be clear, the admin team are the only approvers for a restart. if the game matches any of the following we will be unable to restart- its past turn 4 for both players, spp has been earnt, a cas/removal has been received.
  7. Real life can jump up, however leaving mid season can cause issues for the admin and can take away from others enjoyment. if you are having any issues with the time commitment, please contact your admin and make them aware. mid season drop out will result in removal from the discord and a ban from future leagues



Divisions will be split into 2 divisions

Premiership – Top 8 teams from past season(excluding Rerolling teams)

Division head – Mayhemzz22

Division 1 – lowest 8 teams/new coaches/rerolls

Division head – Arnar Holt


Promotion and playoffs

Top 4 teams from each division will go into a playoffs for their championship. So 2 champions will be crowned. One for prem and one for division 1.

Super bowl – the Premiership champion and the division 1 champion will have a superbowl match to decide the overall winner. This will not impact the loser’s status of champ though.

Promotion and relegation – the bottom 4 teams in the Premiership are moved to Division 1 and the top 4 teams in division 1 move up after the playoffs are complete.


Financial Fair Play – In playoffs

As the underdog, you can spend no more than 40k of your team treasury. As the overdog you can spend as much as you like.





Concessions and missed games

Concession(pre-game): coach openly concedes the game

Action: a 2-0 victory is given to the opponent and conceding coach given a missed game point.


Concession(mid match): Coach concedes mid match

Action: 2–0 win and coach is referred to the Admin team for review. punishments can range from removal of league points to being banned from the league.


Soft Concessions: laying players down and ending turn

Action: none, it’s a shit game sometimes


Missed game: game missed due to coach availability

Action: both coaches deemed at fault, game is 0-0 with 10k winnings and no SPP for each

Missed game: missed game due to one coach not making a reasonable effort or canceling on the day.

Action: other coach is awarded a 2-0 victory and coach at fault is given 1 missed game point


Missed game points: if a coach picks up 3 during a season(playoffs included) they are removed from the league


New rule signoff/proposal 

New rules can not be signed off between 2 members of the admin team. Any rule change must be put to the board who have final say on implementation. Voting power below.

Arnar: 1

Crespo: 1

Magik: 1

Mayhem: 1

This is to protect the league integrity and transparency, everything must be done consistently no matter who the coach is.


Rule Changes

Where possible, Rule changes will come into place at the end of the current season/playoffs

Emergency rule changes

Emergency rule changes can be voted in immediately but will need signoff from all 5 members of the admin team. 

If all 5 members are not available it can be signed off by Mayhem and Magik.

What is an Emergency rule change?

An emergency rule change can be called by any member of the admin team but only in the following scenarios.

  • Situation has arisen that leaves us unable to keep the league running
  • Situation has arisen that could impact the reputation of the league
  • Situation has arisen whereby bb3 has finally been released….
  • Mayhem has been diced and requires a rule change