Death On The Pitch

Where Legends Die

Legendary Players

Here are some of the more Legendary players in DOTP.

Pumpkin Sweetbread – Tin Town Rats CA3


Spot – Tin Town Rats CA3


Danhausen – Black Death Buccaneers

1 season – 1 Championship, Danuasen dominated during his short stay in DOTP

Wal’gor – Corona Crushers

Wal’gor was an absolute savage and single handily carried the crushers to their first title in season 2.

Uggi Frost – Kewtie Petooties

This savage killer made a huge impact in the season 2 Semi final against the crushers before he was killed, luckily the apotho was on hand to put Uggi back together again to give him a few more opportunities to crush some skulls.

Azrost – Dem Bassturd Orcs

NO! no orc should be AG 4. Azost was a terror for all 3 seasons, which when you consider he had a bounty on his head the entire time was pretty impressive.

The Butcher – The Stabby Stabbingtons

A Corner Stone of the Stabbingtons, this troll was not only reliable but incredibly fierce.

Earleaper – Ghoul

Earleaper was the most agile player ever to grace DOTP, no matter if he was throwing passes of dancing through the opposition defence, Ear was a high impact player.